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God Bless the U.S.A.
by Lee Greenwood

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by Madison Rising



Guide To Group Riding



Biker Documents

This website Section is dedicated to bikers of all flavours. Our goal here is to provide a broad range of resources that primarily focus upon motorcycle safety and maintenance. While this area is in development, we encourage you to provide suggestions by contacting us. Thank you.

Motorcycle Miscellaneous

Motorcycle Helmet Laws - by Ohio Patriot Bikers

Ohio Cities to Group Districts - by Ohio Patriot Bikers

State Motorcycle Laws external link

Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle Passenger Tips - by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Motorcycle Storage Tips - by Ohio Patriot Bikers

Biker Safety

Basic Rider Course Handbook - by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Guide to Group Riding - by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

T-CLOCS Motorcycle Safety Inspection Check-list - by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Route and Ride Planning

Ohio Rides and Riding Resources

9/11 YouTube Videos

This section is dedicated to YouTube videos about 9/11. Please report any broken links.

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